Goddamnit, Taobao
We do frequent Taobao orders. We see weird shit.
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Styled Wig

I’m impressed. It’s ridiculous and I have no idea how to keep it on a person’s head, but I’m still impressed.

Sequin Feather Skirt

This is one of the most impractical things I’ve ever seen. Setting aside that it is probably quite drafty and itchy, I can’t imagine those feathers would stay put for very long. By the end of the night, it’d look like someone slaughtered a chicken on the dancefloor.

Attack on Titan Zentai Cosplay

Maybe—ugh—a little too much definition. And the color brown…

Cat Cosplay Zentai

Good morning, children, daddy bought you a pet.

Puffy Pants

Do you like puffy coats? Tight pants? Unrealistic leg-lengths? Then boy have I got the product for you.

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